This section covers the most common questions regarding the aspects of the actual wedding day, pricing, and coverage.

  • Do you work with a second photographer?

    Sometimes. It really depends on the wedding, let me explain. Although I have an assistant with me for every wedding that has the ability to capture some moments where a second vantage point is necessary, they are not a dedicated shooter. For most wedding, I am fully able to capture every moment by myself. Now some weddings have a lot of moving parts, larger guest counts, or other things that may benefit from a second photographer. If you would like a second photographer, I have a team of associate photographers that you can add to any package that does not include a second photographer. 

  • What are your rates?

    I know how important pricing is to you as you begin to plan your wedding, I do not post my price list publicly for numerous reasons. Weddings have a lot of different components to them and rates and packages can vary by location and complexity. I also create custom collections for my clients. Our wedding rates start at $2,800.00 with the average investment of $4200.00. 

  • Do you edit all your photos?

    Yes, I hand edit each and every picture. I don't use presets, batch processing, or outsourced editors. All the editing is done in house. Each image will receive standard editing (exposure, contrast, saturation, crop, clarity, sharpening, etc). In house will will sometimes choose a few images for the wedding to get more advanced editing such as replacing a blown-out sky, skin smoothing, blemish removal, and more. 

  • Do you do black and white and sepia?

    Some images call for special colorization depening on the colors and how the shadows and highlights play with each other, If any images is processed in black & white or similar, you will get a color duplicate as well so you have both.

  • Where do you Travel?

    We are based in Houston, TX but we are ready to travel all over the world for your wedding. 

  • How long does it take for us to recieve our photos and products?

    Your online gallery is available within 6 weeks on the wedding. From the online gallery, you can download your digital files as well. Your wedding album is usually available with 12 weeks of the final design approval. Any prints you order will be available within 2-3 weeks. 

  • How many images will we receive?

    The amount of image you receive depends on a few factors. The amount of guest,  hours of coverage, activity, scheduled events etc. The average wedding client receives about 500-700 images. 

  • Can I have the negative raw files? 

    You will receive 100% of your edited digital files. The raw and unedited images aren't available for purchasing or for viewing. After your wedding we "cull" or remove all the unnecessary images and duplicates. We do not cull to keep you within a certain number of deliverable images since we don't have image limits. All photos removed were non-keepers or duplicates. 

  • How does the album design process work?

    Once all your wedding images are edited, we will pre-design the album for you and deliver the preview of the album at the same time your online gallery becomes available for all your wedding photos. . In your client portal, you can mark what you want changed or edits you would like to make.